Choose the right softball gloves

May 1, 2017

Are you searching for a top quality pair of softball gloves because you recently discovered that you love softball and you really want to play as often as possible? Even if you don’t plan on becoming a professional player and only plan on enjoying a softball game for recreation, you still need to make sure that the equipment you use is of a top quality. This is why I strongly recommend you to get lots of good info on how to choose the right softball equipment, especially the right pair of softball gloves. What you need to understand is that the gloves represent the most important piece of equipment for any softball player, so this is why you should learn how to wisely invest your money. Luckily, there is a list of features that you need to check out before the purchase, a list of features that will help you opt for the right pair of softball gloves, so see here more on these details.

  • Back- the back is the enclosure of the softball glove and its choice is more of a personal preference. However, you need to choose between a close back or an open back glove, as these two options are available. While the gloves with an open back have greater wrist mobility, the ones with a closed back are quite rigid.
  • Material- softball gloves come in numerous options in which concerns materials, so you can choose from synthetic, leather, treated leather and mesh. Professional players prefer leather gloves and this is also our recommendation because leather is a resistant, durable material so a pair of leather gloves will easily resist for several seasons.
  • Web- the web is the part that connects the fingers and the thumbs and all types of softball gloves have it. The difference in which concerns the web comes in terms of patterns and the tightness also varies, so you should make the purchase according to your position in the game and your personal preferences.
  • Wrist adjustment- some softball gloves, especially the cheap, poor quality ones, don’t have wrist adjustment. We recommend you to opt for a pair of gloves that comes with wrist adjustment because it is important to be able to make changes in order for the gloves to perfectly fit your hand and to feel comfortably.
  • Size- the pocket size is a very important feature to consider when you decide to purchase softball gloves. You can choose a shallow pocket size type of glove or a deep pocket size type of glove.

As you can see, there are numerous features to take into consideration when you decide to purchase softball gloves. If you feel a little bit confused and overwhelmed, we strongly recommend you to do some additional reading on the feedback and testimonials of those who have already made such a purchase. Luckily, there are plenty of people who are willing to share their experience with you, so take advantage of this to the fullest. This will surely help you make a purchase that you are not going to regret.

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