Men’s Corner: Things Men Should Know About Electric Shaving

May 5, 2017

If women could not leave the house without putting makeup on, some men could not leave either without shaving off their beard or mustache. Since the invention of shavers made it possible for men to clean off the newly grown beard to the tiniest bits of it, the invention of electric shavers made it clearer and faster.

Then, to make most of your electric razor, below are some tips that men should know:

  • Prepare your equipment.

To clean off the facial hair, it is recommended to wet your face or use shaving cream; unless, if you are using those new kinds of shavers like those that can be used with or without using shaving cream or water. Also, when you areĀ shaving with the best electric razors, you can get much positive shaving results if your facial hair is dry and stiff. Use the shaver according to their structure. For instance, electric rotary shavers are only used doing the circular motion; foil shavers, on the other hand, are best used with back and forth strokes.

  • Shave with the right angle.

When shaving, it is advised to shave it with the right angle to avoid any accidents of any cuts. First, you must hold the shaver at the right angle and use your other free hand to pull the skin until your facial hair visibly stands upright; this will keep you a long time to shave and from snagging.

  • Keeping it cool.

Shaving using electric shavers often comes with a degree of heat since it is a fact that they are with motors; thus, it can cause slight irritation or a degree of irritation for people with sensitive skin. This could be the reason why when shaving it is appropriate to shave off your facial hair starting at the neck up to the face. Avoid going over the same spot and always press the shaver lightly. Also, it would be preferable to use post-electric shave product or what is known “after-shave” products to ensure that your skin is free from any kind of irritation.

  • Proper maintenance of shavers.

To make sure that your shavers will function well the next time you use it, always keep it from any sort of dirt and whisker dust. Do not tap the shavers after using to remove the hair residues, instead use a cleaning brush to remove it; however, remove it delicately because it can easily get damaged.

  • Razor results may differ.

If you have been using non-electric razors for a long time and started to switch over to electric one, then you should remember that switching shaving technique has some positive and negative results. However, you should continue using it, even if you are experiencing mild irritation. Over time (2-3 weeks to be exact), you will get the hang of it and your skin will definitely adjust to your new shaving technique.

The point to all of these, shaving with an electric razor is most definitely similar to non-electric shavers; however, with electric shavers, you get better and faster shaving results than the older one.

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