Practical Cooking Tips for Diabetic Food

May 8, 2017

Finding out that you or a loved one has diabetes is often life-changing news. Right after receiving it your first concern will be what food a diabetic should eat and how you can whip it up in your kitchen. You may be afraid that you will have to cook two separate meals all the time but actually, diabetic meals are healthy meals that are good for everybody. When you apply practical cooking tips for diabetic food, you will be cooking healthy meals that everyone can eat and you will end up helping both the diabetic in the family and the other members to be healthy.


The Best Way to Cook Foods for Diabetics


Any set of practical cooking tips for diabetic food would include the advice to always include foods with plenty of vitamins and minerals to strengthen every part of the body – the kidneys, the skin, the feet, the eyes. In addition, there should be a strict effort to prepare foods that are low in sugar and fat – a sensible rule even for non-diabetics. To accomplish this latter tip, there are some recommended ways to prepare food.


Slow cooking


Preparing anything on a slow cooker will take anywhere from 4 to 8 hours which means you can put together a meal in the morning and have it ready for dinner. The slow cooker allows food to have a lot of flavor and it saves you from buying fast food because you are in a rush. You can make a basic casserole, pack it in portions, and freeze what you don’t need. Later you can thaw, whatever flavor or spice will make it a little different such as a little cayenne and cumin for Mexican flavoring or curry for the Middle Eastern touch or a little low sodium soy and sesame oil for a definitely oriental taste. So make sure you read the ratings of the best slow cookers to see which brand to buy.




Boiling is a quick method to prepare foods without adding calories or fat (the way cooking with oil would). There are several vegetables that you can cook really quickly by dropping them into boiling water for two minutes which helps them retain their nutrients while allowing them to stay crisp. This process, called flash boiling, is perfect for vegetable side dishes that you intend to add to some hopefully healthy main dish.




Baking is a fine way to cook food that is good not only for diabetics but for everyone. Baked salmon, for example, is easy but healthy cooking that a diabetic can enjoy along with the rest of the family. No one can say that you have to cook something else for non-diabetics when you already have lean chicken breasts folded over asparagus, low fat cheese and herbs then baked to moist perfection.


Fiber and Glycemic Index


One of the cooking tips for diabetic food that you need to remember is make sure that every day the food is high fiber and while having a low glycemic index. Again, this is good not only for diabetics but for everybody so all the tips you have received tell you one thing: you don’t really have to cook something different. Good food for diabetics is good food for all!

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