Picking A Portable Dvd Player For Your Trip

May 13, 2017

What are the qualities of the best portable DVD player for your trip? There are hundreds of portable DVD player that are out today, according to myportabledvd. It is important that you know what you will be using your Portable DVD Player for before you buy it so that your all of your needs are met. Many people buy Portable DVD Players based on a single attribute, such as the screen size of the player. But what good is a portable DVD player if you can’t carry it around with ease.Here are factors to consider when picking a portable DVD player for your trip.


A portable DVD player can end up feeling like a small brick to some, especially those which have large rechargeable batteries attached to them. While all players tend to run small, weight can vary by several pounds so make sure to check the side of the box before you buy.

Disc Formats Supported

You may want to consider the types of discs that the Portable DVD Player is compatible with before making your purchasing decision. For example, if you want to burn DVD’s from your computer, make sure that the Portable DVD Player can play the DVD-R or DVD-RW formats. Besides playing standard DVDs, many portable players today can double as CD players as well, eliminating the need to take one extra device on your trip.


One of the great things about portable DVD players is that they can substitute for regular size cousins on the fly when you need to plug into your home entertainment system. You’ll want to consider a player which has high quality outputs, such as S-Video for video and Optical Out for audio, so you can get the best quality playback possible.

If you like to share your audio with a friend, you’ll also want to look for double headphone jacks as a useful feature.


The screen size of the Portable DVD Player need to make the significant impact in the viewing experience. While screen size varies somewhat, larger is definitely better. You should expect to pay a higher price however. Of course, you should consider that too big screen might make the DVD Player loose its “portability” and difficult to carry around.

Included Accessories

The accessories which come together with a Portable DVD Player need to have the big impact when you are purchasing it. Consider accessories such as AC/DC Adapters, Remote Controls, AV Cables, S-Video Cables, Car Adapters, Car Mounts, Headphones, etc.

Virtual Surround Sound

Most of the time you don’t have the ability to hook your portable DVD player up to a home entertainment system, so you may choose a model which has virtual surround sound. This neat feature enhances the sound quality of the movie, giving it a more realistic edge.

Battery Life

A portable DVD player isn’t portable if you can’t take it away from the AC power supply. The thing to think about here is the length of the battery life along with looking forĀ cheap portable dvd players. If the battery life isn’t longer than two hours, then you probably won’t be able to watch a movie from beginning to end. Try to get a portable DVD player that can offer more than two hours of playback time.

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