Tips on Getting Ideal Laptop for College

May 18, 2017

College students of this generation need to have a laptop of their own. Years ago, this would have been a ridiculous statement since one could still argue that it isn’t necessary, considered as a luxury item, even. Today, computers are absolutely essential for optimizing learning through the vast information that’s available on the digital platform.

But with the numerous options for laptops today, students may find it overwhelming to choose one that’s right for them, especially those who aren’t particularly knowledgeable in computer specifications. Here are some helpful tips for college students who want to get a laptop that can provide them with a portal to the vast information on the Internet.

  1. Go for speed.

Some college students today bring nothing else to school but their laptops. Pen and paper have somehow become obsolete in the fast-paced college life. Especially since thick slabs of notebooks are difficult to scan for old notes. Digital files are easily retrievable, which is a huge plus. However, the biggest advantage of conventional notebooks is that students can quickly take quick notes. Not having to wait for boot time. This is why manufacturers have created laptops specifically with students in mind. And that’s fitting them with SSD (Solid State Drive) for storage instead of the clunky HDD. This new storage technology provides a fast boot time due to its breakneck data transfers. They have smaller storage capacities as a drawback. But cloud storage is here to stay so it’s not really a big deal.

  1. Go for portability.

A lot can be said about manufacturers who are releasing oversized laptops with the power of a gaming rig, counter-intuitive to the entire point of laptops being portable. This begs the question as to why people who buy those kinds of laptops not get themselves a more powerful personal computer instead. Undeniably, a market for it exists. But not for college students who intend to use their laptops for school. College life entails going from one corner of the campus to another. Portability is the name of the game for laptops that are meant to handle the context of educational use. It’s without a doubt that lugging around a dumbbell-laptop hybrid is ridiculous. It’s not worth showing off.

  1. Go for better battery life.

As mentioned, students are always out and about. Plenty of time is spent inside the school campus which makes it absolutely necessary for their laptops to be able to last a long time without needing frequent recharging. Fortunately, laptop battery life in general is improving because of more efficient parts being manufactured, like the SSD. Still, it pays to check reputable sites that provide¬†really solid info¬†on battery life. Manufacturers and their distributors tend to bloat their battery life testing results for obvious reasons. The problem is that they don’t provide any data on their testing conditions. For all we know, they may have simply opened a browser and played music in the background. There’s no problem with that kind of testing, to be clear. It’s the lack of transparency that’s the problem with battery life information.

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