Strategy For Choosing The Best Tree Stand Location

June 11, 2017

Many people wish they knew how to have the best time when they go hunting. There is not much knowledge about how you can enjoy yourself provided with the necessary materials to go for a hunt, unless you refer to resources like Luckily, we can determine the great locations for your tree stands and help you get the most out of your camping and hunting experience in the wilderness.

The Killer Stand Location

There are hot spots where you can quickly determine where exactly to hit the jackpot, yet knowing where to give the shot is paramount to the success of this deed. This requires great strategies to know exactly where and how to put the trees stand and get the best cover possible. You can find this amazing location through choosing the appropriate terrain from the top edge, long edge, the hub, and the corner.

Top Edge Location

This location at the terrain provides escape from the senses of animals for hunting. The backbone of the ridge or ravine is a perfect place to get away with the hunting activities from suspicious animals. Shooting is easily down through the top side or the downslope without disturbing animals with the scent which is drifted away from the accommodating winds from the shoulder of a plateau and acts as a natural funnel.

The Corner

This site is also an excellent option to increase the chances of getting in contact with a real target. As the fields are very inclusive, this will be very helpful to spot them easier. However, this may take more than an initiative to study their behaviors and know where they feed or swing. It is highly advisable to hang the tree stand downwind to prevent spreading the scent that will only drive away the targets.

The Hub

Knowing the target animal’s routine activities will also be as helpful with the hub strategical location of the tree stand. This location will provide a basic aerial view of the general route where the target roams around. This site ultimately increases the chances of getting in contact and smoothly taking a shot to acquire the target.

The Long Edge

This site is within the woods and resembles the location with parallel corridors accompanying it. This site allows easy dropping without disturbing or alerting the targets. It will also be helpful to reach out and ask the locals regarding the usual activities of the animals that thrive in the area.

Perfect Tree for the Tree Stand

Choose the best kind of tree by a large diameter that allows staying out of sight and all the other senses of the animal. This characteristic makes a perpendicularly downwind tree a good choice. Ensure that the tree measures 12 to 20 yards from the area of hotspot location for hunting because a long shot is only achievable from a farther position. Determining the most appropriate location and strategies is very helpful to increase the quality of hunting. Reading the best ladder tree stand reviews and choosing the right site for tree stands is very crucial in the result of the hunting itself.